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Our warranty is pretty simple, if ANYTHING goes wrong during the first 2 YEARS of owning one of our light bars, WE WILL REPLACE THE PART OR ENTIRE UNIT at NO COST to you! No hassles, no haggling, no headaches! Our light bars are made to the toughest standards and can withstand submersion, extreme temperatures, fire, damaging winds, hurricane force rain, earthquake vibrations, ANYTHING you can throw at them.

For a video of real-world testing done to our units, see our YouTube Channel:


This FAQ section will be continuously updated with questions and answers as they are presented to us! If you do not find the answer you are looking for, email us at Support@AuroraLEDUSA.com

1.     Are your lights as good as the competitors even though they are less expensive?

a.     YES! Our lights are as good, IF NOT BETTER, than our competitors. They often have higher lumen output, more visibility range, and are tougher!

2.     Do your lighting products infringe on any US Patents?

a.     Our latest products that are being produced with our Advanced AR Optics DO NOT infringe on any known US Patents!

3.     Do the lights come with everything needed for installation?

a.     All our lighting products come with mounting brackets, the lights themselves, as well as all wiring that is needed! If you would like a different mounting bracket, feel free to contact us and we can get it for you or even have it custom made!

4.     Do I need to have the lights professionally installed?

a.     Absolutely not! Our lights install just like any other aftermarket lighting product and can be done in your own driveway or garage with minimal effort!

5.     How fast do you ship out the products and by what shipping method? Can I upgrade the shipping?

a.     Our products, if in stock, ship out from our facilities within the same day or next day after the order is placed. We generally ship UPS Ground, or USPS Priority Mail. In either case, tracking information is provided! For expedited shipping options, please contact us and we can accommodate!

6.     What type of payments do you take?

a.     For your safety as well as ours, we only take payment via Paypal. You can setup a Paypal account for FREE and link it to ANY major credit card, or even your bank account! We are PAYPAL VERIFIED, so buy with confidence!

7.     Do you have any before and after pictures with your light bars installed?

a.     We are working on putting together a gallery of them as well as customer reviews! See our Current Specials page for more details on how you can be a part of them as well as get a FREE cover for your light bar as compensation!

8.     What is the difference between Spot and Flood beam patterns?

    a.      The spot beam pattern is more like a spotlight. The light is concentrated rather than spread out. The flood beam pattern is      just that, it flood the light more and is less concentrated. See the image below:

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